By the Numbers: Favorite Features of Volusion Merchants

We surveyed over 40,000 Volusion stores to get a better understanding of user rates for a range of website configuration and functionality features. Here, you can take a look behind the scenes to see what Volusion features are favorites among your peers, and maybe even some of your competitors.

Check out the list below to discover features you didn’t know existed and learn how they can help improve the user experience and success of your online store. They are quick and easy to implement – many require just the check of a box and the click of a button.

Product Accessories

One of the most popular features on the Volusion platform is the Product Accessories feature. This is a great way to increase sales by showing customers the accessories that are available for the products they purchase. These related or complimentary products can entice customers to purchase more, helping to boost your average order value and positively impact your bottom line. When you enable the accessories feature, products configured as accessories will automatically display at the bottom of the page when customers place items in their shopping cart.

For example, let’s say a customer is shopping for an air purification system for their home. In this case, you can display the replacement filters they’ll need underneath the air purification system so they can easily add them to their shopping cart before checking out.

Want to take it one step further? The Enable Accessories Quick Add feature provides a check box next to any related products that are set to display on product detail pages. Customers can then select these products and add them to their order at the same time they add the main product. Surprisingly, only 23% of stores utilizing the Product Accessories feature also have the Accessories Quick Add feature enabled.

Displaying accessories and enabling the Accessories Quick Add is as simple as checking a box and clicking save. But first things first: you will need to configure products as accessories.

“Sort By” Category Filter

The Sort By feature allows customers to shop for products shown on your site’s category pages based on what is most important to the customer, such as viewing the products from newest to oldest or from lowest to highest price. This is especially helpful on pages that have lots of products. Instead of clicking through 10, 20, maybe even 40 pages of products, customers can choose how they would like to filter and view them so they can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.

The Sort By filter is a category page level change, not a universal change, so you can choose to enable this feature on a page-by-page basis. You can also set the Default Sort By view to your preference if you’d like your customers to browse your products in a certain way, such as from newest to oldest or placing your most popular products first.

Over 70% of Volusion stores in the survey were found to have the “Sort By” feature enabled in at least one category. Check out the top 5 most popular default product sort modes below (listed from most to least popular).

  • Title (products sorted slphabetically based on the product name)
  • Popularity
  • Price Low to High
  • Newest to Oldest
  • Price High to Low

Anonymous Checkouts

The checkout process seems pretty straightforward, right? Get your customer’s billing information, shipping address, payment information and you’re done. While it shouldn’t be a whole lot more complicated than that, there are plenty of online stores that manage to make a mess out of something that should be quick and easy.

A lengthy or complicated checkout can be a barrier to conversion, causing people to abandon carts and spend their dollars elsewhere. With user experience in mind, think about what information you absolutely need from your customers and abandon the rest. Is it really necessary for each and every one of your customers to create or sign in to a customer account before they can complete their purchase? With so many different usernames and passwords to keep track of, please don’t make me create another one to buy those cute kitten socks with pom poms are what many of your customers are thinking.

There are three different ways to configure the checkout process when it comes to customer accounts: require account registration, allow anonymous checkouts, or force all checkouts anonymous.

When it comes to the survey data, allowing customers to checkout anonymously was the clear winner. When you enable Allow Anonymous Checkouts, shoppers can make a purchase without registering for or logging in to customer accounts. During the checkout process, they will only be required to enter their address information, payment details, and choose a shipping method. The best part – they will still have the option to create or log in to a customer account if they’d like. Only a very small percent (2%) of stores from the survey force anonymous checkouts, meaning all checkouts are anonymous and customers don’t have the option to create an account, even if they’d like to.

Wish List

Another high-ranking feature is the Wish List feature. This feature comes with a small disclaimer: the Wish List feature is automatically enabled by default, which means that unless it is manually disabled, it is still an active functionality that visitors can use. But what is interesting to note (and why it made the list) is that 98% of the stores that have this feature enabled have shoppers with wish lists.

The Wish List feature allows customers to create a list of products they would like to buy from your store at a later date. To use this feature, customers must register for and be logged in to their account. Once logged in, they can mark off the products they love for future purchase by clicking the Add to Wish List link on the product page and can access it any time from their My Account page. Customers can view all of the items they’ve added to their Wish List and click either the Add to Cart or Remove from Wish List buttons before proceeding with the checkout process.


For more information on these features and many more, be sure to check out the Volusion Knowledge Base, our resource library that’s full of videos and how-to guides to get you started. Not currently using Volusion to power your online store? Sign up for a free 14-day trial and start exploring all that Volusion has to offer today!