In today’s world of online commerce, customers have come to expect fast, efficient communication. The Volusion software contains a vast array of features and tools at your fingertips, but knowing which features to enable for your particular business can feel intimidating. Enter our Volusion Customer Experience department: a team dedicated to supporting you with answers to technical questions.

In order for our support technicians to best assist you, it's important to keep some particular tips and tricks in mind when contacting support:

Clarity: First and foremost, clarity is important in any technical interaction. Just as you work with your customers to provide a satisfying experience on your store, we strive to provide that same thoroughness when troubleshooting issues or answering questions you might have about Volusion’s product. In your initial contact with support, explaining the specifics of what you’ve encountered in clear, concise terms can cut out much of the back-and-forth that normally occurs in a support conversation. Think of the three W’s when writing your ticket or making your call:

Where did you see the issue occur?

What were you doing at the time? What was the result?

When did you first see it happen? When did it stop (if it stopped)?

Then, think of these three using our shared Volusion terminology. For example, telling a support representative “I want to change how my titles look” is not as clear as “I want to change the color of my navigation menus from black to red”.

Detail: Our Customer Experience team is here to help with any technical questions you have...and sometimes, boy can it get technical! The Volusion software is a powerful tool, capable of helping you implement and enable the features that work best for your business. Due to this versatility of the software, giving us as much detail as you can collect goes a long way in quickly diagnosing and solving it. Not just where you were, but what you were doing there, what steps you took, at what point in the process you triggered the “problem”, and what you were trying to accomplish from the get-go. This can give us a wealth of information to work from and track backwards to find the root cause and what more we can do to help.

You can take this further by informing our support team of any steps you’ve taken on your end to investigate or troubleshoot the issue - if you saw it happen on a single page or many, if it occurred just once in your store or if it is repeatable, if you cleared your browser’s cache and cookies and restarted it, if the issue was reported to you by a specific customer and you tried to replicate it, et cetera. It is these little details that help us get ever-closer to the root cause and, ultimately, the solution!

Specificity: Sometimes, in an effort to meet all the needs of support and provide all the relevant information, it can be difficult to stay succinct. This is where specificity comes in handy: nailing down what is important and relevant to the issue at hand. There are situations where detail alone does not give support enough to diagnose the situation. Let’s say you discover that going to one of your products results in an error page. Copying the entire error page’s text may not be enough if the support representative doesn’t know the context - how you got the error page to show up in the first place. Likewise, if you own multiple stores under the same My Volusion account, let us know which one in your initial statement so we can skip that question and get to the heart of the matter! Specificity can be especially important for tickets, which entails communication that isn’t as immediate as chats or phone calls.

Speaking of that product causing an error page, a picture is worth a thousand words - and this is just as true for Volusion support! If you can attach a screenshot of the issue to your ticket, it can provide us with an accurate view that would take much longer to type out. It’s a good idea to preface this image in your ticket too of course, stating how you came to see it - more often than not, an empty ticket with a screenshot will only delay the resolution as the support representative attempts to figure it out with context clues. Another time saver is making a ticket through your My Volusion account, rather than by email. It might seem faster to just send an email off to, but without logging in to make it our support specialists may have to verify your security questions before providing any store-specific info (an email to the support@ address could be from anyone!) And speaking of security, it’s good to have your security questions ready when in a call or chat with our support department, just in case!

Ultimately, adhering to clarity, detail, and specificity in your interactions with our support staff gets you back to running your store and making your business successful faster, armed with the knowledge that you did all you could to help us provide an efficient, effective solution to your issue or answer to your question. Together we can keep your customers’ web browsing free of wrinkles and ensure your business provides a pleasant (and profitable) experience for everyone involved – your success is our success!