Something To Be Proud Of: Pride Socks


Anyone can sell socks. But what if those socks represented something bigger and more important than just keeping your feet cozy and dry? Austin-based Pride Socks empowers people to realize their self-worth, be proud of who they are, chase their dreams and accomplish them … one colorful, cotton pair at a time.

“We want to change the world from the feet up.”

Pride & Joy

Pride Socks founder Rachel Smith will never forget the words of encouragement she received from her cross-country coach when she was 14 years old and struggling to find her stride, on the course and in life: “I’m proud of you.”

This simple but strong sentiment helped her realize that everything she needed to accomplish her goals was already inside of her. Her feet would get her where she needed to go — on the cross-country course and beyond. And with a pair of rainbow socks to travel in, it could be a joyful journey.

Pride Socks Founder

14 Feet & A Sock Obsession

But why spread love, respect and inclusion through…socks? As one of five kids raised by deaf parents in a household with limited income, recycled clothes — even socks — were a way to save money. It was rare to find a pair that matched or didn’t have holes. Hence, her sock obsession was born.

Pride Socks’ old-school style pays tribute to Rachel’s past — her family’s challenges and their unbreakable bond. (They’re still her biggest source of pride.) For the founder, they’re also a vibrant visual reminder of the opportunities awaiting in the future.

“When people are proud of who they are, where they are and what they do in life, they can accomplish their dreams.”


We asked Rachel a few questions about her experience hosting her store on Volusion. Here’s what she had to say.

Volusion: When did you launch your store on Volusion?
Rachel: I've been with Volusion since 2013.

V: What do you like about Volusion?
R: It's not what I like about Volusion, it's about what I love. I love their customer service. I love being able to call with an idea of what I want to do with my site, or have an issue I need to resolve and being walked through how to complete the task.

I am a visual and kinesthetic learner and love knowing how to resolve my own issues and how things operate. When they walk me through what I need, I feel complete! Not only did I learn something new, I was able to do it on my own (of course with the help of Volusion!).

V: What's the Volusion feature you use most?
R: One of the Volusion features I use most is being able to create certain price points for our wholesale customers and our retail customers.

It was so time consuming when I had to manually enter orders for wholesale customers. Now, all I do is create a customer profile, hit a few buttons, send them their login information and — boom — they can order and pay all in one setting. It saves me so much time!

V: Why did you choose the theme you have for your store?
R: I chose the Wee Little theme because it highlights product images. With our product line, our photos — mostly submitted by customers — sell our products for us.

The images also tell a story and we want our customers to feel the love, see how our products are worn, who wears them and why they do. Wee Little gives us the capability to highlight all of the amazing images our customers share with us.

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