Setting Up MyRewards

If you’ve shopped anywhere recently, chances are you’ve been asked to join a customer loyalty program. Some businesses offer cards that track cumulative purchases using “punches” or “stamps” each time you visit, while others let you rack up points based on the amount you spend over time. After a certain threshold is met, these businesses may offer you a gift card or a discount on your next purchase.  Customer loyalty programs are intended to do exactly what the name implies: they provide an incentive for shoppers to continue buying from a specific store, and eventually, to become loyal customers.

If you’re currently on a Pro hosting plan or higher, your Volusion store comes with a pre-built loyalty program--essentially the online equivalent of a punch card. The best part? Once you set it up, the program practically runs itself!

Your Volusion store’s customer loyalty program is called MyRewards. With each purchase from your store, customers earn rewards points. Once a customer has earned enough points, they can redeem them for store credit to be used on a future purchase.

To first step to getting started with MyRewards is turning the program on! You can enable the program from your store’s Admin Area by going to Marketing > MyRewards. Once on the MyRewards page, you’ll see two options for calculating points: “Points for Cash” or “Points for Product”.

Points for Cash awards customers points based solely on the amount of money that they spend in your store. The main variable for this method is Points Earned Per Currency Unit, which determines how many points are earned per dollar spent. Points are only calculated on the dollar value of the items in the cart, and no points are earned for any tax or shipping charges that may be added to the order.

Points for Product is a great option if you want to control how many points a customer can earn for each specific product. Due to the flexible nature of this option, you’ll need to assign points within each product. You can do so within Inventory > Products. Once there, find a product that you’d like to assign MyRewards points to, then head to its Advanced Info section and locate the Misc tab. Finally, find the Reward Points Given field and enter the amount of points you’d like a customer to receive for purchasing that product. Additionally, if you don’t want customers to earn points for a specific product, you can leave the field blank.

Once you determine how rewards points will be calculated, you’ll need to decide how many points will translate to one dollar’s worth of store credit. In the Points Redeemed per Currency Unit field, enter the number of rewards points that will be converted to one dollar of store credit. In the Minimum Points Required to Redeem field, set the minimum amount of points a customer needs to acquire before they can redeem for store credit.

You’ve now finished setting up the MyRewards program!  The next time a customer orders from your store, they’ll be eligible to receive MyRewards points. These points will only be added to the customer’s account after you mark their order as “Shipped”.

The rest of the program lies in the hands of your customers. They won’t receive any automatic updates about their points, so it’s up to them to monitor point levels for redemption.  If a customer wants to view how many points they’ve earned, they can do so by first logging into their account, navigating to the My Account page, and finally clicking on MyRewards. Once there, they’ll be able to view the current available point balance.

This same page is also where the customer will be able to redeem points for store credit. To redeem those well-earned points, the customer will enter the number of points they’d like to redeem and then click Redeem Now. As soon as they do this, Volusion automatically generates store credit in the form of a gift certificate that is attached to that customer’s account.  The next time that customer wants to purchase from your store, the amount on the gift certificate will automatically be deducted from their order.

If for any reason you’d like to edit a customer’s MyRewards points or revoke their access to the program entirely, you can easily do so within each customer account. Go to Customers > Accounts and click on the account you want to edit. Once on the account page, scroll down to the Special Privileges section and expand it. You can edit a customer’s reward point balance by modifying the value in the Reward Points field, or you can fully revoke access to the rewards program by selecting the Remove From Rewards check box.

That’s it! If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be ready to automatically reward customers for shopping with you. By enabling the MyRewards feature, you can subtly encourage loyalty in your customers—no card-punching required.