Set Your Shopping Feed Products Apart from the Competition

Are you shopping feed products surrounded by nearly identical offerings. Set your listing apart with greater feed detail; we'll show you how in today's checklist.

Shopping feeds, more than any other form of online marketing, has the potential to quickly connect consumers with products. That expediency, however, comes at the cost of high competition between merchants who are offering similar—often identical—products.

So how do you stand out from competitors and catch the eye of quickly-browsing customers? By creating a more detailed feed. Keep in mind that a few minutes of your time makes a difference that is compounded by each set of eyes that sees your listing.

To help make it easier to flesh out these details, we’ve put together a checklist of changes that you can make to your shopping feeds. Keep in mind that each of the items that you complete can help distinguish your products from merchants that have opted to treat their shopping feeds as a turnkey enterprise.

You can download the checklist here and, if you would like inspiration for optimizing other aspects of your online marketing campaign, you checklists for design, product placement and more in our Ultimate Field Guide to Ecommerce Conversions.