SEO Marketing Checklist for Previously Migrated Volusion Sites

If you’ve moved an ecommerce site to Volusion, we hope you’re enjoying the experience and successfully processing orders. Our intuitive website builder allows you to easily create a modern shopping experience online. This checklist focuses on vital settings and technical elements that most Volusion merchants should have active. It’s not as in depth as this complete step-by-step migration guide, but will help with search engine bot crawling, user experience and analytics information gathering.

Volusion Dashboard Settings to activate:

Marketing>SEO> Search Engine Friendly URLs

  • Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs: CHECKED ON
  • Enable Canonical Links: CHECKED ON
  • Enable full URL for Home Page Canonical Link: UNCHECKED

Note: Use Hyphens (-) instead of Underscores (_) & are optional and can be kept ON or OFF based on personal preference.

Marketing>SEO> Robot Preferences

Settings>Config Variables

  • 301 Redirect to SEOFriendly URLs: CHECKED ON


  • Declare Industry in “Organization Type” Dropdown

Settings>Maintenance>Manage 301 Redirects

  • Did client add 301 Redirects to redirect old platform urls to current urls?

    Note: Case by case basis, might not be vital if they were not ranking well on Google or a newer site when migrated.

    Note: Do not add full url with domain name, just the relative urls for the previous platform’s most visible category and product pages. Once saved, test Source Path urls - they should redirect to the Target urls.

    Custom 404 page installed? Access a broken link on their site. Is a 404 error page appearing within site theme? If there’s the generic browser 404 page contact the SEO team; we’ll add a 404 error page via FTP.

    • (example 404 page)

Google Analytics & Google Search Console check:

  • “View Page Source” of home page, CTRL + F: “UA-” to locate tracking script.

  • If there’s not a unique Google Analytics UA- tracking code on the theme we’d suggest client sign up for Google Analytics and install the tracking code to the File Editor’s HTML Head section.

  • Suggest client verifies Google Search Console using the “alternate meta tag method”, adding the verification code to the HTML’s Head section. Once verified, clients can submit “/sitemap.xml” directly in Search Console interface and observe any 404 Not Found Error urls in the Index>Coverage tab; adding 301 Redirects for important old platform links to Volusion urls.

Still looking for more info? Here are some additional SEO resources for migrated clients: