Your Volusion software comes fully-equipped with different kinds of coupons and discounts for you to give your business a boost. Check out this post to learn more about the different types and how they can help.

With coupons and discounts being hugely popular with customers, and variety being the spice of life, your Volusion software covers both bases by coming fully-equipped with different kinds of coupons and discounts. From quantity discounts to one time use coupons, these options provide all the building blocks for a strong coupon strategy that goes beyond boosting sales, but also puts your customers in a good mood.

Here are five types of coupons and discounts you can create in your Volusion store:


Quantity discount

Say you have a little extra inventory you’d like to move, so you create a 10% discount that automatically applies when a customer orders three or more of a certain product. This kind of discount is called a quantity discount, and your store is well-equipped to create and apply it.

To create a quantity discount, go to your store admin, find the Marketing tab and select Coupons/Discounts. While you’re filling out the discount information, select Percent off a Product for the Discount Type, and be sure to fill out the Min Qty field. The amount you fill in for the Min Qty field will determine how many products your customer will need to buy before the discount takes effect.


Free shipping coupons

It’s no secret that customers love to get something for free, which makes free shipping coupons particularly popular and useful to boosting your business. Although there are other free shipping options in your store, free shipping coupons are unique in that they’re the only option that can apply free shipping to an entire order.

To create a free shipping coupon, simply go to the Coupons/Discount page under the Marketing tab of your store admin. Fill out the basic discount information, then for Discount Type, select Free Shipping on ENTIRE ORDER from the drop down menu.  Also note that free shipping discounts override all other settings configured within the Free Shipping Method on the Shipping page.


One Time Use Coupons

Another type of coupon is the One Time Use coupon, and as the name implies, it’s meant to be used once per customer. The system keeps track of this by remembering each customer's email and IP addresses.

In order to make a One Time Use coupon, go to the Marketing tab of your store admin and select Coupons/Discounts. When creating your coupon, be sure to look under Advanced Settings and select the box next to One Time Use Coupon for the setting to take effect.


Cannot Be Used With Any Other Coupon Setting

If you want to offer both a free shipping coupon and a 20% off coupon, but don’t have the resources to have them applied on the same order, then you can make a coupon unpairable. In other words, once the coupon has been applied to a purchase, no other coupons can be added.

To make a coupon unpairable, go to your Coupons/Discounts page, and while you’re filling in the coupon’s information, look under the Advanced Settings and check the box next to Cannot Be Used With Any Other Coupon. Once that’s been done, the coupon can’t be used with any other coupons. Do note, however, that this doesn’t disqualify the coupon from being used with a discount. Discounts are automatically applied to orders, even when a customer uses an unpairable coupon.



The discount functionality is so flexible that it can actually be configured to add cost to products. For example, say you have a particular product that requires a flat, $5 fee for assembly, or perhaps would like to charge shipping at 15% of the order total. With the discount and coupon options in your Volusion store, you can do both.

To create a flat surcharge, add a new coupon/discount, fill out the basic information and select Dollar Amount Off Entire Order from the Discount type drop-down menu. Then, in the discount field, enter a negative sign (-) and then the amount of the surcharge. (For example, a -5 in this field would give you a $5 surcharge, and so on.) For a percentage surcharge, instead of selecting the Dollar Amount Off Entire Order, select Percent Off Product. From there, enter the percentage of your surcharge with a negative sign in front.


With the variety of coupons and discounts your store can handle, your options for creating your perfect coupon strategy are near-endless. Whether you use them one coupon at a time or combine a couple of them for a big sale, the choice and resulting success is yours.

Happy selling!
-Gracelyn Tan, Volusion