Get Followers + Sales with Volusion’s Built-In Social Media Tools

It’s no secret that social media has transformed into a valuable digital marketing asset in recent years. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have blossomed from simple communication tools to digital platforms for brand awareness and discovery. Most business owners know that growing a social media presence is an absolute necessity to stay relevant. BUT what they don’t know is that Volusion offers a handful of helpful built-in social media tools to simplify the process! Had no idea? That’s ok, you’re not alone. We’re here to help! We’ve compiled some tips to help you get the most out of our built-in social features for your online store.

Add your social media profile links to the buttons on your site

First things first! Make sure the social media links in the footer of your website correctly navigate to your social media profiles. Many of our store templates have a footer that includes buttons for Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest pages. Typically after a site design or change in template, these buttons are automatically set to Volusion’s social channels. So just remember to change them to drive shoppers to your social channels. Changing them is fairly easy and just requires a little link swapping in the back end. Find a handy how-to guide here!

Enable social media posting from your store

One of the great things about Volusion is that it allows merchants to easily share products or categories on their Facebook or Twitter pages without leaving their store. With just a few clicks, you can authorize Volusion to post to your profiles. Just login to your Volusion Dashboard and head to the Marketing > Social and add your networks to get started. We’ve already compiled a helpful video detailing the process for your viewing pleasure! Picture1

Turn on social media sharing for products

Once you enable social media posting from Volusion, be sure to give shoppers a chance to share their favorite products! You can do this by enabling the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus in your product settings. These buttons allow shoppers to send friends a link to their product of choice. Turn these on by navigating to the Inventory > Products > Settings > All Product Settings page. The video we mentioned above also details this process.

Set up your Volusion Social Store on Facebook

When it comes to social media networks, Facebook still reigns king for marketing. Why? Because Facebook is home to over 1 billion users of all types of demographics. Volusion offers a special app that allows you to connect your store to Facebook and list your products in a special tab on your page. This creates an easy buying experience for the shopper since they don’t even have to leave Facebook to shop. Store owners can customize the look of their Social Store easily to ensure it closely resembles the branding. Find out how you can get started setting this up by watching our tutorial here! Picture2

Take advantage of our YouTube integration

Did you know that you can display YouTube videos on your product pages? Videos are highly engaging and a great way to show your products in action. Depending on your industry, it can sometimes be hard to showcase how special your product really is. Our YouTube Video Management feature enables you to add up to four videos by simply pasting a link, so you can ensure that your customers learn as much about your products as possible. Learn how you can dress up your product pages with YouTube videos here. Picture3

Now that you know it all, it’s time to begin experimenting with our built-in social media features! Set them up and try them out to see how they can help you increase your exposure and hopefully sell more online!

Need extra help managing your social media profiles? Volusion has a killer social media team that can help you expand your reach and visibility, or just provide some consulting. Discover more about our Social Media Marketing packages by visiting our Services page.