Cater to More Devices with Free Responsive Templates

As customers become more sophisticated in their browsing habits and rely on an ever-growing diversity of screen sizes and resolutions, digital storefronts must cater to consumers with content that their devices can easily digest. For most sites, that means appealing to visitors across the entire device spectrum, from smart phones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers. Many merchants choose to maintain a separate mobile site on a subdomain, such as

More recent technology, however, has allowed site owners to implement a responsive design. Rather than maintaining separate set of code existing on a separate subdomain, responsive design allows websites to adjust individual images and layouts to fit the resolution of the visitor's screen. As of today, Volusion is proud to offer a new range of responsive templates to meet the demands of mobile-conscious merchants.

Some of the benefits of responsive design include:

  • A single code base for easier maintenance and search engine crawlability
  • A seamless experience for users across all devices
  • Higher click-through rates and lower bounce rates on mobile devices
While we are excited to unveil these templates, a responsive solution will not be for everyone. If your business is not mobile-driven or if you have already invested in creating an ideal digital storefront for your business, then you may wish to reconsider; if you are ready to get started, however, browse our newest set of free templates and launch your responsive design today.