Webinar: 10 Proven Ways to Increase Sales Conversion

Make the most of your summer with this webinar, as Volusion's online experts provide 10 proven ways to help grow your online store's revenue. Our experts will walk you through the invaluable conversion areas of your online store, including navigation, category structure, product details, credibility components, and much more!

Here are some answers to some of the most asked questions during the webinar:

Questions for Volusion

Q: How do you add a promotion to your homepage?

There are many ways to add promotions to your homepage. For example:

  • Add a slide graphic with promotional text on your homepage slideshow. Be sure to link it to the appropriate page so customers can start shopping quickly. If it’s a generic promotion, you can send them to an “All Products” page.
  • Creating a navigation menu promotion
  • Deal of the Day: enable deal of the day, which is a coupon that typically has a time limit on it. Follow this link to learn more: http://support.volusion.com/article/deal-day

Q: Does Volusion SmarterStats offer site search tracking?

Volusion’s SmarterStats doesn’t have a site search functionality. However, we recommend enabling Site Search tracking in your Google Analytics so you can see more information and make educated decisions based off facts. You can enable Site Search tracking in Google Analytics by going to Admin -> View Settings -> Site Search Settings -> click the button and add the word “search” to the query parameter.

Q: Is offering an incentive for a review considered the same thing as buying a review?

The thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to offer someone an incentive for a POSITIVE review. Providing a gift for providing feedback (good or bad) isn’t considered buying a review. You’re only buying a review if you’re trying to sway someone’s opinion of your business for free gifts and promotions.

Q: Does the Volusion tool have the capability to add Related Products to the product pages?

We sure do! We offer two options:

Q: Where do we find the option to allow "Checkout as Guest"?

In the Volusion system, it’s called “Anonymous Checkout.” To enable this feature, go to Settings > Config Variables in your Administration Area. Next, select "Checkout Variables" from the dropdown filter menu and check the box “Allow Anonymous Checkouts.”

Q: What features are free with Volusion that we can implement now?

There are many free features that you can utilize now to help improve the customer experience and drive more sales conversions. In fact, our free templates come with all of the following capabilities. For example:

  • Featured products
  • Homepage slideshow
  • Related products and accessories
  • Free shipping options
  • Social media tools
  • Navigation options per template
  • Category and product filters
  • Google Analytics capabilities
  • Dashboard reporting tools

Q: How important is Google Analytics, and is it available through Volusion?

Google Analytics is one of the best reporting tools out there. You can set up Google Analytics on your own or have us do it for you!

Q: How do I start getting customers to my site? SEO? Social Media? Paid Search?

We would always recommend a mix of marketing strategies for any new or established business. This can include building a social media presence, paid search such as Shopping Feeds or PPC ads, email marketing, networking on forums such as Reddit or blogging and on-page optimization with SEO best practices. To learn more, we have created many useful webinars that dive deep into most of these topics:

Q: How many products is too many products to showcase on your home page?

The best option is to showcase 4-8 products on your homepage at any one time. Any more products than this can be distracting or overwhelming to customers. Also, please note that having too many featured products on the homepage can slow down the load time, which is likely to increase the bounce rate and decrease conversions.

Additionally, product showcase software will display a random selection of products that you have designated, which will shuffle every time the page is refreshed. So you’re able to pick more products, but only a certain number will be shown on that page.

Q: How do I get my Volusion store to filter by color?

Giving your customers the ease to filter the products is a great way to enhance the user experience and get them to the products they want faster! Volusion allows you to enable this functionality quickly. To get started, click on this link!

Q: How do I enable free shipping on my site?

Free shipping is a great incentive for customers to purchase your products. If it makes sense within your business model, we recommend providing free shipping to your customers. To do this on your Volusion store you will start by going to Settings> Shipping> http://support.volusion.com/video/shipping-how-to-offer-free-shipping. From here, you’ll have the option of assigning shipping settings.

Questions for Justuno

Q: Can you define the difference between pop-ups and overlays? I don’t want to get dinged by Google for using pop-ups.

By definition, a marketing overlay opens within the same window, does not interfere with user experience and does not prevent visitors from entering or exiting sites. A pop up opens in a new browser window and interferes with website navigation and overall user experience. In short, your Google rankings will not be affected by using a marketing overlay on your site. For more information, here is a full description of Google’s policies on pop-ups and overlays.

Q: Aren't people discouraged by first page overlays by now, or is it still an acceptable practice?

This is a fantastic question and in order to answer it, we must look at two key factors: visitor experience and cold, hard data. Yes, presenting overlays to visitors as soon as they arrive on your site can discourage some people from providing you with information. At the same time, experts at Chartbeat found that 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website. This leaves you with a very small window to engage and convert a large portion of traffic, which is where overlays come in.

To take both website experience and this data into account, We’d recommend implementing a delay of 7 to 15 seconds for the overlay. I’d also engage visitors with an offer of high perceived value. Run a contest in which visitors can enter to win an enticing item. Offer a valuable piece of content or alert them of the current sale that you are running. First page overlays will give your messages the most exposure and provide you with the biggest opportunity to convert visitors into leads and revenue.

Q: Where can I find more info on how to implement overlays for cart abandonment?

Most cart abandonment occurs because of pricing. Price comparisons, coupon hunting and high shipping costs are the main reasons for abandonment, and all have to do with price. Tip the scale in the shopper’s favor with a discount or free shipping promotion. Using segmentation and targeting, you can present these offers to shoppers who are attempting to leave your cart and checkout pages. For more info on how to use exit overlays to prevent cart abandonment, here’s a short article on exit offers.

Q: How important is it to have the "no thanks" or X-out button available in your overlay?

While it’s not required, we recommend including a clear way for visitors to close an overlay. This way, you avoid the chance of visitors feeling trapped by your offers. Navigation is a key component of your website experience and should be a focus with overlays as well.

Q: What happens if the user is already a subscriber?

If you are running promotions with Justuno, you have the choice of allowing visitors to submit the same email multiple times or limiting them to one submission. If you’re running a sales promotion with discount codes, it may make more sense to allow duplicate emails so repeat customers can still access the discount. A sale is more valuable than an email, so if you can drive a purchase with a promo code and end up with a duplicate email in the process, you’ve clearly won.

Q: How do we add this type of overlay? Will I need to write any Javascript?

It’s Simple!

  • Sign Up for Justuno
  • Create a promotion in three easy steps
  • Embed a snippet of code in your website footer (only need to do this once)
  • You’re all set!

You will not need to write any javascript. Justuno takes care of that for you!

Q: Are these overlays customizable?

Justuno’s new design canvas enables you to create professional overlay designs in just a few minutes. You can even choose a template and customize it to fit your branding. Design isn’t the only thing you can customize. Create smart targeting and segmentation parameters to engage the right shoppers with relevant offers! Take an in-depth look at the design canvas!

Q: Is Justuno compatible with my Volusion store?

Yes, Justuno will work on any website!

Q: How much does Justuno cost? Is there a free version for me to try out?

Justuno offers a free account so you can started in minutes. Paid plans start at $25 per month. Get Started and generate new leads and revenue today!