• Grow the site's organic search engine traffic to ShopAmbience
  • Increase the volume of organic traffic to the site from relevant, targeted keywords
  • Increase the proportion of site traffic originating from organic search compared to other avenues
  • Understand the site's performance in the search engines and what improvements are needed to take results to the next level


  • In 3 months, the Starter SEO campaign:
  • More than doubled total organic traffic to the site
  • Grew organic traffic to the site from the target keywords by 183%
  • Boosted the impact of organic traffic on the site's total traffic, increasing from 54% to 66% of total traffic

"I do want to stress the value of the audit with the starter kit... that comprehensive review along with all your hard work was the key to getting us to understand what needed to happen."

Ambience is a designer clothes boutique located in Edgewater, New Jersey. Driven by a passion to enhance and transform women's sense of self through fashion, Ambience's fashion-forward Soho style has garnered a lot of local attention and earned a loyal client following. The boutique was selected as the "Best Boutique in New Jersey" and declared "hot, hot, hot" by New Jersey Life magazine. Having established an online store with Volusion, investing in online marketing was the natural next step in expanding Ambience's online presence.

The Challenge
Ambience had a solid foundation in place with an extensive product selection and a clear mission to assist women is selecting a wardrobe that makes their best statement, but the online store lacked the basic optimization necessary to maximize organic search engine exposure.

Ambience sought an affordable search engine optimization solution that would establish the site for long term search engine success without a huge upfront investment. Ambience owners Dorothy Regan and Grace Guido also wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the site's SEO performance and acquire knowledge and recommendations that would empower them to drive SEO success moving forward. The challenge was getting Ambience noticed around the globe in a crowded, competitive marketplace and ensuring that all changes to the site conveyed the fashion forward voice of the boutique.

The Solution
Ambience enlisted Volusion's Starter SEO service to have the essential technical and on-page optimization work performed by the professionals, and at the same time had Volusion conduct an in-depth SEO Audit to give Ambience a deeper understanding of what SEO improvements were needed and why. The SEO team identified opportunities within this niche of the apparel market and performed extensive research to identify keyword opportunities that are in line with the company's vision and goals. The Volusion team worked with Ambience to strategically allocate its budget to promote products that will be in season in the coming months.

The Outcome
Within 3 months of signing up for the Starter SEO service, had already begun to experience increased organic traffic from searches for the target keywords, as well as an increase in total organic traffic to the site. Organic traffic from the target keywords had grown 91% by the 2nd month of the project and continued to gain ground, achieving a 183% increase in organic visits from the target keywords in the 3rd month compared to the start of the project.

In the 3rd month of the Starter SEO service, the site had already more than doubled in organic traffic, amounting to a 126% increase in total organic traffic compared to the start of the project. By the third month, organic traffic accounted for over 66% of the site's total traffic, up from 54%.

Ambience owner Dorothy Regan particularly valued the combination of the Starter SEO service and the analysis and recommendations provided in the SEO Audit, stating "I do want to stress the value of the audit with the starter kit... that comprehensive review along with all your hard work was the key to getting us to understand what needed to happen."

Strategic technical and on-page optimization resulted in a measurable impact on traffic to in a relatively short period of time, and the business owners were armed with the SEO knowledge and understanding to continue building on the site's success.