Listrak's Automated Shopping Cart Abandonment Solution Recovers Lost Revenue.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery

On average, 71% of shoppers abandon their cart; equating to an $18 billion issue for online retailers. Listrak's Shopping Cart Abandonment Solution is an automated remarketing campaign to abandoners that recovers those lost sales. This means that when a customer comes to your site and does not complete the checkout process. Listrak's Shopping Cart Abandonment solution will automatically trigger a series of dynamic email messages to prompt the consumer to complete the transaction.

Our clients are experiencing between 20% to 35% average conversion rates and a 28% increase in average order values on cart abandonment campaigns.

Our Solution sends behaviorally-triggered messages to prompt cart abandoners to complete the sale.

Look at the video below to see how Listrak's automated shopping cart abandonment solution recovers lost revenue.

Tags: Marketing

Key features:

  • Advanced segmentation and personalization
  • Dynamic merchandising and offers
  • Series of messages to prompt conversion
  • Multi-path offer testing
  • Product recommendations
  • Offer suppression and randomization
  • Real Time Conversion tracking

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