Volusion vs. Bigcommerce

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"Since starting our online store with Volusion and our company as a whole, we've had tremendous growth. After we launched the store, I was able to start working on it full time."
-Megan, yousmellsoap.com

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“Bigcommerce’s web site advertises features that their service promises to provide. None worked, literally none. No support was given. No tech support tickets were ever followed up on. When pressed they ignored the problems until we CC’d management and only then told us to code it ourselves.”
-Bigcommerce Customer

Volusion's support is available any time - even after normal business hours and during peak shopping times such as evenings, weekends and holidays.

Based 100% in Austin, Texas, you can count on Volusion’s dedicated account managers and over 400 ecommerce experts to keep your online store open for business.

More Uptime, More Sales

“…I’m starting to sadly get accustomed to having my site down several times a week at this point… Can someone please tell me why, at least certain servers have outages several times a week? Some weeks my site goes out several times a day. It’s crazy...”
-Bigcommerce Customer

Not only does downtime lead to a loss of sales, but your online business will lose credibility with your customers. That’s why Volusion guarantees 99.9% uptime.

We make uptime a priority to instill confidence in you, your customers, and ultimately, your sales.

“I found there were lots of glitches and the site never went live on Bigcommerce. When we compared the differences in the ecommerce providers, we decided on Volusion. I thought the backend was pretty slick and easy to work with. We are a small company and don’t have a dedicated tech person, so we needed something straight forward and not technical. I’m trying to get things done quickly and those things are important to me. I would recommend Volusion over Bigcommerce because of our positive experience.
--Michael, Tinmall.com

All-In-One Ecommerce Solution

Volusion offers a complete ecommerce solution to quickly set up your business and start selling online. Our features and integrations are built-in to your plan without add-on costs, saving you hundreds of dollars or more every month. With Volusion, you don’t have to pay extra or work with third parties for key features like these and many more:
  • Automatic Tax Rates
  • Deal of the Day
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Loyalty Program
View our store plans to see a full list of everything included with Volusion.

Experts to Take Your Store to the Next Level

“Since switching to Volusion we have achieved record breaking sales month over month. The SEO services from Volusion helped us get to the top of Google Search for many of our products which has greatly increased our traffic and sales.”
-- Laura, AntelopeBeads.com

Volusion offers the flexibility for you to design and market your business yourself or work with our team of experts, allowing you to focus on the rest of your business. Instead of spending hours reviewing applications and interviewing candidates, you can rely on our team of experienced professionals that’s already familiar with the Volusion platform.

Trusted by More Businesses

Merchants trust Volusion for its reliability, security and honesty, and it shows in our A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau.

Volusion goes beyond the minimum level of security to ensure acceptance on the VISA Europe Merchant Agents List. Whether you’re selling internationally today or not, rest assured your valuable customer data is safe.

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